About Us


As the owner of a bridal boutique who has carried Malis-Henderson products in my own store for over 20 years, I have an extensive relationship with Malis-Henderson. I am committed to upholding the exceptional product quality that everyone is accustomed to with the Malis-Henderson brand.

I bring in-depth knowledge and complete understanding of the retail side of the bridal industry, including what is on trend in fashion. This will be of great benefit to the Malis-Henderson customer and their brides. It gives

us a comprehensive advantage to understand the Retailers' needs. I look forward to working with all of our retail partners, as I put my own vibrant touch on the company's style and operations.

Malis-Henderson has a rich history of designing and manufacturing timeless pieces directly from our Atelier in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We are best known for our attention to detail and our ability to create custom changes to our designs. This often sets a standard worldwide in the

Bridal Fashion Industry. – Learn more about our history